No ear surgery needed for son.....

My second son, when just a baby, struggled with ear infections off and on during his first year of life. He always got better, but then they might come back later and cause him pain, and discomfort. His doctor recommended him for surgery, to get tubes put in his ears. This would help them drain, like the natural mechanism in a more mature ear would do, etc. If not, it could cause a burst ear drum, and inability to hear clearly, and learn to speak, etc. Over the next few weeks, we realized it was absolutely necessary, and he would be free from the pain of ear infections.

The scariest thing about it was putting a child "under" like that, when such a tiny baby. There were risks of course. He had all the official tests done to confirm the absolute necessity of the surgery in both ears. We set the dates for the surgery and pre op apppointments. I had been increasingly anxious about this, and worried like any mom probably would. I decided to pray about it, instead of worrying. I prayed the surgery would be successfull, quick, with no side effects, no pain, etc. On the to the appointment before the surgery, it dawned on me to think to pray for his complete healing so he could avoid the whole thing altogether. I prayed on the way there, for God to heal both of my sons ears, and that somehow he wouldn't need to go through this whole process. We arrived, went in, and they wanted to do one last test on the ears. Using an tympanogram, they can tell how it is from one testing point to the next, and measure it up against what it should be, etc. At this time, the test showed his ears were BOTH fine, and they did it again to be sure. Again, the test showed his ears were perfect, when days before they were not. He never did have a surgery done, and I attribute it to prayer. Of course, people can assume whatever they want, but I prayed specifically, and it ended up happening just the way I prayed it would. I was so happy he didn't need to go under anesthetic and cut into his ears, etc.

God is good.