Newest Ipad, My Frustration With It

The New Ipad

I finally made a decision, and got the newest Ipad, I was so excited, and hope to get that back. I am still in the 14 day return period, and I think I am met with a deal breaker. This isn't to bash on Apple, as much as it is to vent some frustration and disappointment I am having.

I am a photographer and like to take a lot of videos. I don't say it lightly, that I take a lot. Knowing this, I took back my 16GB, and purchased the 64. I wanted to have the freedom of shooting photos and capturing videos at will. Well, after the latest holiday, I went to work on my regular things, and find out the very hard way, that I can't just access my photos that are stored on my Ipad.

It doesn't seem right to me, that you can't just access a video you took, by doing the typical browsing on any ole website you want, and access a photo or video to upload onto the net. I am actually kind of upset about this. This is what I do, its part of my writing process. I blog a lot several places, and do a form of photojournalism. I love to write, and include pictures about many different topics.

My son owns an Ipad as well. Its not like we haven't had Apple products before either. I just thought they were "all that and a bag of chips." My disappointment is great. I don't have the freedom I totally thought I would have. So, I called Apple support today, and talked to the nicest guy for quite some time about this. He sent me several articles to read, and so far I don't have final answers on what would be best for me in my situation.

I parted with a good chunk of money on this Ipad and keyboard cover, and am experiencing almost a buyers remorse. I had to vent here, somewhere. To be fair, as I learn more, and understand my camera connection kit I also purchased, etc, I will definitely update. Its not to bash Apple....but they ought to want to know actually. I am a very frustrated and disappointed customer, and feel like I have to learn a libraries worth of stuff, to realize what else I need to download and purchase when I thought this would be cut and dry. It all is so not cut and dry.

I do so much more, than just social media, and do so much more with my photos than the average person does. If someone from Apple development cares, you guys really need to get on board with helping people to be able to access what is already on an Ipad, easily. That is crazy, that you can't just access a video to uploading to a site on the net and do with it what you want. I don't like this.