A Baby Bird that Didn't Make It.

A little baby bird that died in its nest? Really?

 This is a heartbreaking story. I have never even heard of it though I am sure it has happened before.

 First, we were so excited to find a baby bird nest near our driveway, in a little tree that is growing there. I recall thinking it was small for a little birds nest, but I have seen smaller trees where birds built their nests. It was found by hearing the chirping of the little birds one day. The tree was full of leaves, and it was safely hidden away. I tried to take a photo with my camera, and got a little one, that I ought to post here, but it makes the story even more sad.

You see, we left the nest alone, didn't get in too close, because we knew the mother bird would be back to feed her very hungry babies that were clearly newly born. My husband tells me tonight, that he checked the little nest and found a dead little bird in it with little fleas or something crawling all over it. I felt sick.

 What happened to the mom? What in the world happened? It had to be that something happened to the parents, as the nest and birds were perfect! So much had been done perfectly up to that point. Something went terribly wrong, and the birds starved or dehydrated (or both) to death. I share this, because I have to get it out. I am the kind of person that saves a spider or an ant when I find one in my house, so this was devastating. Some scientist out there may be doing research on birds and this kind of thing. Was it some kind of pesticide or chemical that people use so much now? What in the world accounts of a complete abandonment of a nest until the birds die? Dardenne Prairie, Missouri, second week of June 2012.

 If you have experienced something like this, let me know please. It is heart breaking. Leave a comment here please, thank you. What makes it all even more sad, is there is a larger baby robin bird waiting on my front porch on the ledge. It is looking for its mom it seems. It just went to sleep. Where are all the parents of these birds? My heart feels broken as silly as that might seem. Its just not right.

 In memory of the sweet little bird, whose was so new that his pink skin was translucent in the light. I am so sorry you didn't make it little fells. If I had only known, I maybe could have helped. I don't know what happened to your parents. I am so sorry you didn't make it. RIP little bird.