My Oldest Son Just Graduated from High School

My Oldest Child Just Hit a Huge Milestone! These last few weeks and years even, almost seem a blur, but wonderful. My oldest son just graduated from High School, and we are so proud of him. I didn't anticipate some of the worries I encountered in these last few years, but as life can be, things turned out fine. I didn't need to worry at all. That said, we did need to keep on our son at times. Kids aren't often naturally fond of homework and getting it done. He finished well, and for that I am so proud of him. The ceremony itself was on a Saturday Night at a Family Arena center, in Saint Charles Missouri, here in the Midwest. It was a nice place, and allowed for any kind of possible weather. We had family come in from out of town, as far as Arizona. Both sets of his grandparents were there and equally proud. I wonder if he knows how lucky that is to have them all there. Of course his brother, his favorite brother was there! One neat and surprising thing, was Mr. Barry, the Principal, in his main speech mentioned Caleb, aka Sugafries! I couldn't believe it, and Caleb was equally excited but then recalled he had mentioned Mr. Barry in a few of his own songs that he wrote. It was so fun. One of the highlights for me of the night, was when the smaller choir sang the song, "Fly", and Beth Enloe Fritz was there with them at this last performance. How wonderfully beautiful they sang! I am thankful to the staff and counselors, my husband and to all who helped to shape and steer our son in a right direction. I know he learned a lot and I don't regret anything. What a privilege and a blessing to be his mom. Congratulations to my 2012 Graduate and to all 2012 Graduates!