Senior Graduates Recognition Night

Today was the final event in celebrating our oldest child's graduation from High School.  My son, along with several other students set up special tables that represented them and their accomplishments in High School.  Some even went further back than that, all the way back to infancy!  It was a nice time.

Less than 10 families put together a two hour type of open house through our church.  They do this every year for the kids that have just graduated and it is a really nice time for people to come and view their accomplishments. 

One neat thing for example, was seeing how many people didn't realize that my son ever played the violin.  I am talking about some of his closest friends and other families we knew well.  Things like this happened over and over all afternoon.  One of the neat things that it does, is to help kids feel like they were able to share their hard work and accomplishments with those that wanted wish them the best in the future.  They worked hard!  Some were home schooled, some private schooled, and some like my son were public schooled children.

The parents made plans to have cake, decorations, fruit, nuts, and every kid had a jar or bowl of their favorite candy out.  It was a joy and a lot of fun!   The kids did end up receiving cards and even a couple of gifts, how nice!!  It was awesome.

It was a great time had by all to celebrate a lot of really wonderful children.  Congratulations to all the kids who also graduated this year, 2012!  Wishing you all the joy and happiness life has to offer!